Find a Practitioner

Jonica Willett, BC-HIS - SHIPS President

Contact for SHIPS information:

Company: Hearing Life 

Contact : 1-306-783-7076

Colleen Amendt, BC-HIS - SHIPS Vice President

Company: Spiritwood Hearing Centre

Location: 101 Main Street, Spiritwood

Contact: 1-306-883-3997

Landon Woodruff, BC-HIS - Treasurer

Company: Dunlop Hearing Services & Consulting

Location: # 130-1175 Nicholson Rd. Estevan SK

Weekly clinics in Weyburn

Contact: Office 1-306-634-0193

Maureen Mogentale BC-HIS

Company: Amplifon

Location: #2-4519 Gordon Road Regina SK

Contact #306-988-6163

Doug Henheffer, BC-HIS

Company: ChicenCow’s Hearing Centre

Location: 33-7th Ave S, Yorkton SK

Contact: 306-786-7707

Ryan Douglas, BC-HIS

Company: Amplifon

Location: #1-301 2nd Ave. North Saskatoon SK

Also visit Weyburn, Humboldt, Kamsack, Melville

Contact: 1-800-836-8088

Teneille Murr, BC-HIS

Company: Hearinglife

Location: 340 3rd Ave N Saskatoon SK

Contact: 306-249-5306

Noreen Frier, BC-HIS

Company: Amplifon

Location: #1 301 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon Sk

Travel to North Battleford, Prince Albert, Unity, Kindersley, Tisdale, Melfort, Wadena. 

Please contact the Saskatoon office for more information regarding clinic dates and appointments. 

Contact: #1-306-244-4078 Toll Free #1-800-836-8088

Gerard Marcoux, BC-HIS

Company: HearingLife

Location: #16-1945 McKercher Dr. Saskatoon SK, 2404 A Westwood Centre Humboldt SK

Contact: Saskatoon #306-979-4543

Humboldt: #306-682-1922

Reza Niri, B.Sc., HIS

Company: Alto Hearing

Locations that are visited: Carlyle, Hudson Bay, Kindersley, Melfort, Moosomin, Preeceville, Prince Albert, Tisdale, Unity, Weyburn, Saskatoon

Contact: #306-974-2586

Bonnie Riffel, BC-HIS

Company: Costco Hearing Center

Location: 2110 Anaquod Rd Regina SK

Contact: #306-271-0932

Andreas Barous, BC-HIS

Company: Connect Hearing

Location: 1442 Broad Street, Regina SK

Contact: #306-359-6858

Derek Halbig, BC-HIS

Company: Beltone Hearing Centre

Location: 206-3988 Albert Street Regina SK

Contact: #306-359-6003

Wade Longstaff, BC-HIS

Company: Connect Hearing 

Locations: 620-33rd Street West Saskatoon SK, S7L 0W1, 1305-9800 Territorial Dr, North Battleford SK, S9A 3W6

Contact: Saskatoon #306-651-1606, North Battleford #306-445-2299

Rhea Mittal, HIS

Company: Connect Hearing

Location: Town and Country Mall, 1235 Main Street N, Moose Jaw SK , S6H 6M4

Contact: #306-692-1562

Candyce Marcoux

Company: Hearing Life

Location: 2581 Quance St, Regina SK , S4V 2Y7

Contact: #306-559-4250