Find a Practitioner

Jonica Willett, BC-HIS - SHIPS President

Contact for SHIPS information:

Company: Hearing Life 

Contact : 1-306-783-7076

Colleen Amendt, BC-HIS - SHIPS Vice President

Company: Spiritwood Hearing Centre

Location: 101 Main Street, Spiritwood

Contact: 1-306-883-3997

Landon Woodruff, BC-HIS - Treasurer

Company: Dunlop Hearing Services & Consulting

Location: # 130-1175 Nicholson Rd. Estevan SK

Weekly clinics in Weyburn

Contact: Office 1-306-634-0193

Maureen Mogentale BC-HIS

Company: Amplifon

Location: #2-4519 Gordon Road Regina SK

Contact #306-988-6163

Doug Henheffer, BC-HIS

Company: ChicenCow’s Hearing Centre

Location: 33-7th Ave S, Yorkton SK

Contact: 306-786-7707

Ryan Douglas, BC-HIS

Company: Amplifon

Location: #1-301 2nd Ave. North Saskatoon SK

Also visit Weyburn, Humboldt, Kamsack, Melville

Contact: 1-800-836-8088

Teneille Murr, BC-HIS

Company: Hearinglife

Location: 340 3rd Ave N Saskatoon SK

Contact: 306-249-5306

Gerard Marcoux, BC-HIS

Company: HearingLife

Location: #16-1945 McKercher Dr. Saskatoon SK, 2404 A Westwood Centre Humboldt SK

Contact: Saskatoon #306-979-4543

Humboldt: #306-682-1922

Reza Niri, B.Sc., HIS

Company: Alto Hearing

Locations that are visited: Carlyle, Hudson Bay, Kindersley, Melfort, Moosomin, Preeceville, Prince Albert, Tisdale, Unity, Weyburn, Saskatoon

Contact: #306-974-2586

Bonnie Riffel, BC-HIS

Company: Costco Hearing Center

Location: 2110 Anaquod Rd Regina SK

Contact: #306-271-0932

Andreas Barous, BC-HIS

Company: Connect Hearing

Location: 1442 Broad Street, Regina SK

Contact: #306-359-6858

Derek Halbig, BC-HIS

Company: Beltone Hearing Centre

Location: 206-3988 Albert Street Regina SK

Contact: #306-359-6003

Wade Longstaff, BC-HIS

Company: Connect Hearing 

Locations: 620-33rd Street West Saskatoon SK, S7L 0W1, 1305-9800 Territorial Dr, North Battleford SK, S9A 3W6

Contact: Saskatoon #306-651-1606, North Battleford #306-445-2299

Rhea Mittal, HIS

Company: Connect Hearing

Location: Town and Country Mall, 1235 Main Street N, Moose Jaw SK , S6H 6M4

Contact: #306-692-1562

Candyce Marcoux

Company: Hearing Life

Location: 2581 Quance St, Regina SK , S4V 2Y7

Contact: #306-559-4250